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Miss Megan turns 16!

so this weekend I had a special invitation to come take some pictures of Megan’s Sweet Sixteen party!  Megan is Philip’s cousin… so naturally she’s just like my cousin.  i can’t believe i met her when she was just 10 years old!  she’s growing up to be such a beautiful woman.

i’m so glad i got to be a part of her party because it was so much fun!  granted, i was taking pictures the whole time but these girls had a blast!  the theme of the party was 27 Dresses (good idea, right?!).  each girl had to wear a prom dress, bridesmaids dress, and the boys had to dress up in their duds as well.  there were contests that included a fashion show complete with a relay (put on a hat, a boa, gloves, and double wrap the long pearl strand… strut your stuff down the runway and back then take all the accessories off then the next girl had to go!… so funny!).  there was also a running contest of best dressed, most creative, cutest,  name the mink (which was a little weird… minks have always freaked me out when they have their limbs still attached).

The most boas I’ve seen in one place… EVER!

Megan and her friends Hollis & John…

Struttin’ at the fashion show relay… haha this girl was hilarious!

Name that critter – hmmm…

Sixteen Candles


all in all it was a fabulous shindig!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!  love you so much!


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