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the Sullivan Girls take on NYC

As an early Christmas present Mom & Dad sent us girls (Kelle, Mom and Myself) to the Big Apple!  We flew out VERY early (4:30am is NOT in my vocabulary so I have learned) on a Thursday morning and explored until Sunday afternoon!  It was Mom & Kelle’s first NY experience and I haven’t been since high school so it was a true first timer’s experience! 

We dove right in on Thursday with a trip to Chinatown where all you hear are little whispers in your ear… “Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Coach bags we have Coach bags!”… I think I dreamed about these people for 3 days straight!  I have a friend who is now a “local” so if it weren’t for her, I don’t know what we would have done! Thanks Tara!!!  After tons of Canal Street shopping we headed over to Little Italy for some true blue Italian food.  It would be worth it just to fly up there, eat at La Mela (the Apple), and fly back home!

Friday through Sunday was just taking in the sights.  We got suckered into a tour bus throughout the entire city and I’m glad we did!  First stop was Ground Zero.  That was such a neat experience. 

This is the artwork that was erected in honor of those who survived the September 11th attacks.
September 11th Survivor Art

I don’t know if you have ever heard of St. Paul’s Chapel but the story gives me chills every time I hear it now.  St. Paul’s is a little (well compared to the rest of the buildings in NYC) chapel right next door to Ground Zero.  You can literally throw a stone at it.  So anyways, after all the dust had settled from the September 11th attack, this chapel was totally unharmed… not even a tombstone went damaged.  There is so much history in this place… for beginners it’s where George Washington said his first prayer after his inauguration!  To think of all of the surrounding areas that were demolished after this tragedy, and this old chapel stood up to the test with flying colors!  It is now a tourist attraction filled with tons of memorabilia and notes to those who lost their lives.  It is definitely a must see if you have not been already!

St. Paul's Chapel

The story of the pews: This is where the fireman/rescue workers slept and napped during the recovery process. They decided not to paint the pews because the scuffs from all of their equipment and uniforms has become a part of the history of the Chapel.
St. Paul's pews

One of the many (and the biggest) signs/letters/etc. in the church.
St. Paul's Banner

On Saturday afternoon we walked 5th Avenue all the way down to Central Park. The weather was PERFECT. It had been raining & cloudy up until this point when the sun came out! Just a few of the stores on 5th Avenue were decorated for Christmas. I definitely want to go back when all of the stores are decorated.

Cartier caught my attention… yes, please 🙂
Christmas at Cartier NYC

Louis Vuitton wasn’t decorated yet… but I’ll “yes, please” to that as well 🙂
Louis Vuitton NYC

I had to do it… after all Tiffany means a lot to the Brown family 🙂

So after walking down checking out all the 5th Avenue goodies we finally ended up at Central Park.

First, Kelle had to take a photo-op with THEE Statue of Liberty… haha!
Kelle with the Statue of Liberty

Our carriage ride through the park was amazing… I think if I lived here I would have to visit Central Park 3-4 times a week to keep my sanity living in the concrete city. It is SUCH an escape and so much more than I ever imagined it to be!
our carriage ride through Central Park was perfect!
The precious horse that took us on our carriage ride. He was so sweet!
the beautiful horse that took us on our carriage ride :) he was so sweet!

So I didn’t take too many pictures on our trip. I got so caught up in the hustle and bustle that I just didn’t even bother taking my camera out of the bag. But that’s OK… another trip will be on the books before we know it! You absolutely cannot take it all in with a 4 day time-frame.

Until next time… 🙂


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  1. AWWW! GREAT pics! love it.


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