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sisterhood of the traveling Christmas party

last night was an absolute blast! it was the first annual traveling Christmas party with some awesome girlfriends!

So we all piled in a group of cars and headed off to AJ’s house who served an appetizer. It was a super yummy croissant stuffed with veggies and cheesy goodness.

Can I just say that I fell in love with this crazy fun wreath hanging in her entry. AJ, if this thing goes missing any time soon you know it’s in good hands 🙂

Everyone loved looking at her “wall of accomplishment”. She is a fabulous photographer!

after taking a tour of her house and scoping out all of her Christmas decorations we swooped away to our next stop, Stephanie’s house! When we got to Steph’s the smell of lasagna was taking over the house and needless to say, we all scarfed it down like we had never eaten before and it was so yummy! But while we were waiting for the din-din to finish cooking we played an amazing game of charades. And yes, our team dominated!

I even managed to catch a smooch under the kissing ball with my hubby because he snuck into our party to meet up with Drew 🙂

Thanks, Steph, for a super fun time at your place with some absolutely delicious homemade lasagna 😉

So after lasagna it was a dash to our house for dessert. On the menu, Chocolate Chip Poundcake and boy oh boy was it yummy!

I slaved all day over this 🙂 hehe

After dessert and coffee we all sat around chit chatting about our favorite Christmas traditions. The perfect way to end the evening… and I think we even started a tradition of our own! Girlfriend time is the best!


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