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Hooray for fun finds!

So ever since the new year I have been working on redecorating PB and I’s bedroom. It’s coming right along and can’t wait to show you the finished product! The finishing touch was something… it needed something unique… and after some thought about it I finally figured out what I wanted on that blank wall! So that’s when I called Mom and we headed over to the Vintage Village for some antique scouting this morning! Boy am I glad we did because I found this big bundle of beauty just sitting there waiting for a makeover to go in our room…

I’m so excited to see this mantel after it has had some TLC!

It was an absolutely beautiful day to scope out all of the goodies both indoors and out. 62 degrees after a bout of 30 degree highs for the past few weeks. It was like summer again! Well… Maybe just a little cooler 🙂

So after a successful trip this morning Mom and I walked away with some fabulous finds. One thing I didn’t purchase, though, which I thought was hilarious was this tiny little medicine bottle. It was dated from 1958 and still had this nasty brown paste in it. (mmmm!)

So I leave you with this… There was no name of this particular medicine written on the bottle but the use instructions read, “Apply under arms, ears, and on groin 3 times a day.” What on earth could this be for? Hahaha! It’s amazing the little doodads you find in these places!

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