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Meet Laney!

At 8:24am on January 27th my cousin, Elizabeth, gave birth to an absolutely beautiful baby girl named Alana {uh-lay-nuh… hehe} Elizabeth Seitz… she will go by Laney which I absolutely love! From here on out I will refer to my cousin as Bibbis. When my cousin Chase {Bibbis’ brother} was born and learning how to speak, he simply could not blurt out “Elizabeth”… so Bibbis it was and always has been and always will be.

So anyway, Laney is Bibbis and her hubby Tyler’s 2nd daughter. Gwenny was their 1st… she will be 2 in April. I haven’t gotten a chance to see Gwenny with Laney yet but I know she will be precious with her! So here she is… little Miss Laney…

Isn’t she perfect? She’s such a good little baby… no fussing and hardly a peep the whole time we were visiting.

Look at these chubby little cheeks when her daddy was trying to burp her. Don’t you just wanna pinch ’em?

And these toes… ah! New baby fingers and toes get me every time.

And this is Bibbis… she is a trip! So this picture describes her to a tee.

Congrats Bibbis & Tyler. You two make beautiful babies. Love you!!!


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