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snow day… yayayay!

After much anticipation of the white stuff falling all week… it finally came! The weather people were right this time! Which around these parts is typically a shocker when it comes to winter weather.

I am a sucker for snow and I feel like a kid again every time it falls! So to prepare hubby and I stocked up on good food to last us a few days. A big ol’ pot of chili is simmering as we “speak”. I also stocked up on the goods to get our room redecorated while we were snowed in. What better time to do it than when you have nothing better to do! 🙂

So I got our bedroom painted then we bundled up and headed outside! And man oh man did we have to bundle up… there were multiple layers underneath my coat and jeans and not only is it cold… the wind is WHIPPING! So PB wanted to take some shots while we were outside so I didn’t get many pictures of him… but here goes our brief outdoor experience… we don’t have a sled which really upsets me but oh well… I’m seriously contemplating jumping in a plastic tub and see what that does for me 🙂

This was Tiff checking it out.

Last time it snowed we had her bundled up (leggings and all) and as she bunny hopped through the snow everything fell off. Well come to find out she definitely needs some puppy boots or something because her little paw paws couldn’t handle it…

so then her Mommy and Daddy came to the rescue 🙂

then she made a B-line to the back porch to go get warm! it was a race to the finish 🙂

after Tiffy was inside getting warm, PB and I walked the premises taking a few pictures around the house…

It’s been a fun day so far… now we’re all hunkered down covered up in our blankets watching some ACC basketball! The snow is so beautiful and I’ll enjoy every last morsel until it melts away! 🙂


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  1. You three are so cute! I love the pics… especially of Karen up in the air!
    Love to you always,



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