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a story about a mantel

so a few weeks back i told you about the lonely mantel i picked up at an antique store down the road to give it a facelift and put it in our bedroom. well… the project is complete! i finally got a chance to finish it off while we were snowed in for 2 1/2 days straight.

if you recall, this is what it looked like when i found it:

so i jumped on it (well, not literally but you get what i’m saying) and went to get hubby (and his pickup truck) so we could bring it home!

the day after we brought it home i was so antsy to start working on it but it was about to rain. so it was a race to the finish to scrape all of the old paint off, sand it smooth as a baby’s hiney, and get it cleaned! mission: accomplished.

while i was sanding, i uncovered the initials “D.W.” – i wonder who this is? did he/she build it? and if so, how long ago? or is it some kid who carved his initials in the mantel and hid it behind his Christmas stocking and got a spanking when his mom saw it after taking the Christmas decorations down 🙂 i ponder about these things 🙂 i’m the kind of person who drives by an old dicrepid barn or farmhouse and wonders what kind of story it has to tell…

i got done prepping it for it’s makeover just in time… right when we got the mantel on our screened porch, it started to rain! this is where the fun began… painting!

it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for anything! but of course it’s not going to stay looking this crispy fresh! now it’s time to make it look antique again! i think the little mouse sander is my new best friend after this project… i am now constantly looking at things saying “hmmm, i wonder if that would look cuter sanded” 🙂

after a few coats of poly we were good to go! now it’s in our bedroom proudly holding a few really old Ball jars in their blue beautiful-ness with candles inside surrounding my window pane that i don’t think i’ll EVER get rid of…

and VOILA! there you have it… my week long project condensed into 386 words. so excited for the spring to come so i can get my hands on some more fun projects!


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  1. Great job, what a find. I found you through Mary @ Across the Pond, where I found Suzanne’s Antiques, which lead to your blog. LOL.

  2. Laura here from “For Old Times Sake Antiques” over here in Wake Forest — you did a fantastic job and it looks gorgeous!!! Love what you did with the ball jars and candles and window too!!! Great ideas!!!

  3. I just knew you found that treasure at SuzAnna’s – best little shop (and nicest people) in town!

    I love what you did with the paint/sanding finish – I need to get one of those little sanders for my projects.

    Can’t wait to see your next piece!


  4. I did get your comment and ment to put it into this weeks newsletter but forgot!! hehehe! It will be in the next one!! Hope Nancy has a great birthday!!

  5. You did a great job! Jenny sent me you link. Hope you’ll do more projects and post them. Always looking for new ideas!


  6. BEAUTIFUL!!! May I link to it so others who read our blog can look too?

  7. You did a wonderful job on redoing the mantle! I love it! Thank you for sharing! Susie

  8. Looks positively marvelous


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