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fisher dean turns one!

It’s amazing how fast a year can fly by! Fisher Dean Ridout’s 1st birthday was on January 28th but due to the snow “storm” his birthday party had a minor delay… so we celebrated last weekend! We had a blast playing with all the kiddies!

It’s so funny how children can get the coolest toys but then they always seem to resort back to to simpler things in life… like balloons or cardboard boxes. The balloons seemed to be a HUGE hit at this particular party.

I mean how cute is little Fisher as happy as can be just bouncing a balloon!…

He also got a super cool lawnmower… he was so excited about it he didn’t even want to give his mommy the time to put it together for him… hahaha i love this picture!

but once she got that baby together he was ready to go… happy as a clam (whatever that phrase means)

He’s such a happy baby (well… now a big boy!) and we just love the Ridout kiddies! So Happy Birthday, Fisher Dean… it seems like yesterday you were just a bitty boy in the hospital…


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  1. Hey, I just wanted you to know that Fisher is only ONE!!!! hahahaha!


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