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super bowl sunday

This year we got a special invitation to hang with some of our dearest friends down at Holden Beach to watch the Super Bowl (not much watching went on on my part… but that’s beside the point… who even played?… haha!) But we had an absolute blast hanging with such awesome people and friends and meeting new ones as well!

It’s usually a tradition that the boys gather together and play football, or basketball, or tennis… so this time around it was football (I mean, what else do you play on Super Bowl Sunday?)

huddle up!

after hanging out on the beach taking some pictures with some girlfriends, we headed back up to the house to hang with the big group of girlfriends! 🙂 then a few of us snuck away to the theater room to watch 24. i’ve never watched 24 but i can see why people are so hooked! i don’t have the time to catch up on all the missed time but someday, my friends, some day…

so right in the middle of our 24 episode we were called to dinner! the Snipes family does it up right every time we go visit them… we had dinner catered in which consisted of prime rib, baked potatoes, green beans, salad, and some super delicious dessert cakes… i think they were coconut, double chocolate, 7 layer and some cake with fruit in it (definitely not fruit cake!) everything was so delish!

then we got our bellies full and the game started! and i was kidding earlier… we were rooting for the underdogs… go saints! but there were so many games to play around the house… so that’s what we did… in particular was this awesome tabletop shuffleboard game! i don’t think philip left this game the entire time we were inside 🙂

then me and some girlies had to get our game on with foozball… i’ve never liked this game until this night… i think it’s because philip is so good at it that he never gives me a standing chance! hahaha but it was fun because these girls were on my level!

some of my favorite ladies in the whole wide world!

OK so I have to wrap up with this picture… if you know Stacie and Stephanie you know they’ve never been huge dog people. Well who am I kidding they’ve never been dog people at all. So Bishop came into their lives a few weeks back and they absolutely love him to pieces! Which makes me so super happy! This picture would have never happened a month ago… so proud of you girls! 🙂 hahaha love y’all!


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  1. I can’t wait to get that invitation! Next year 🙂 And thanks for the comment on my blog about the downie and the troll….they are a wonderful match. Have an awesome Wednesday! PS – Your photos are phenomenal!


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