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Lose the shoes?

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Lately I’ve been toying around with the idea of having a no-shoes policy in our house. This has never been a rule that I have had to follow… only out of respect for other people who have this policy in their home. You would think it would be an easy decision… but it really does take some committing to follow through on it.

I was never a Sex in the City watcher but I did run across a few episodes back in the day. There was one episode I saw where Carrie went to a party where the hostess asked all of the guests to remove their shoes before entering her home. I remember thinking “Who does this woman think she is asking everyone to take their shoes off?”

I wouldn’t ever be the person to make everyone take their shoes off at the door at a large gathering… after all, the shoes make the outfit and I wouldn’t ever want to sabotage a cute outfit! I recently read an article at one of my favorite blogs that got me thinking about the topic. The article was talking about the benefits of not wearing shoes in your home. I’m not a neat freak by an stretch of the imagination but (until now) I’ve never really thought about all the germs, dog poo, chemicals, and who knows what else you can carry into your home on the bottom of your shoes… Not to mention the dirt that I just can’t seem to get rid of on our hardwood floors. Plus… you just feel so relaxed when you ditch your shoe at the door.

It’s actually considered disrespectful if you wear your shoes in someone’s home in Hawaii and Japan… I’m sure it is this way in more countries (I know, Hawaii is not a country) but those are the only two places I ran across. They must know something that we don’t (well… now I do… but you get what I’m saying!)

If nothing else, I think we can commit to this as an ode to hubby’s Japanese roots 🙂 I’m interested to see if I notice a difference in the cleanliness of our home and the condition of our hardwood floors over time.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you have a no-shoe policy in your home? Have you notice a difference if you have recently made the switch?

And just for kicks (no pun intended) I thought this little chihuahua was cute 🙂


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  1. We don’t care about shoes in our house. Only because we figure if we have 2 large dogs who don’t wear shoes then we can’t ruin the floors or make them any dirtier than they do! But I’ve never thought about all those chemicals on the bottom of them. This might be something new for me to consider. And thanks for the promo on your catch up post : )

  2. Ever since moving to NYC we have a peersonal rule against shoes in the house. I don’t always ask visitors to take theirs off but we do t wear them. I’m terrified of what’s on those city streets and I definitely don’t want it in my house! 🙂


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