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I have never really been the person to sit down and make jewelry… up until recently that is. I’m basically googling how to do it and learning as I go. I guess that’s the best way to learn anything… with some help! 🙂 So from time to time when I’m feeling inspired, I use some of my free time late at night and get to work!

Today I was browsing Anthropologie (love love love this store!) and ended up looking at their jewelry and accessories. I came across this necklace that I just HAD to have… and then I looked a little to the right and noticed the price tag of $198! Yowza! That’s when that little click went off in my head and I thought “I can totally make that!”

Shortly after my wheels started spinning I took a quick trip to the craft store to pick up a few things… I had most of what I needed already.

So tonight after hubby and I got home from running around town, he wanted to watch a movie that we have already seen. It was the perfect time for me to gather my goodies and sit down beside him while he watched his movie and get to work! So here is my end result… I can’t wait to wear it!

Here is the necklace from Anthropologie… $198.00

Here is my version… $4.00 Yay! Sorry for the poor quality photo… blame it on my iPhone. I love the thinner stripes on the Anthro version but we’ll find that ribbon some other time. I wanted to use what I had for the first go round!


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