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Cheetah-licious :)

For as long as I can remember there have been these two amazing chairs that keep moving from place to place in storage (the garage, the attic, my parents old office mud room, etc.) They never quite had a chance to fit in anywhere. These chairs were my great grandpa, Harper’s. And I was itching to do something with them when I had the chance.

About a year ago when hubby and I moved, I finally had to space to use them! Now the task was to cover the retro-fabulous green pea colored tweed cushions. The job kept getting pushed back and pushed back… until this past weekend (yay!)

I tried to salvage some of the old piping to use in the new covers but that idea got scratched when it started shredding in my hands. Oh well. Maybe one day soon I’ll add the piping. Now all that’s left to do is make a pillow with a punch of color but for now… This shall do 🙂

For your viewing pleasure (if you like this sort of thing… ha!):



Yes, blame the photos on the iPhone if you may… it’s just so quick! Can you blame me?

On a side note: these chairs were made in the 50s by the original company that is now called Ethan Allen. I spotted the (almost) exact same chairs in my Anthropologie catalog for almost $1500 (for one)!! YOWZA!

Have a fabulous Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Hi Karen:

    I remember where these chairs were in mamom and papa’s house. I have sat in them many times. The pea green covers were very ‘in’ at the time.

    Love the new chairs….enjoy them!


  2. They look AMAZING!!! You go girl!!!

  3. WOWZA!!! Once again you have amazed me with your talent/innovation/imagination/sewing… On and on. I can’t wait to try them out! Love you!


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